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The comments of the head of the RACGP according to which pharmacists announce certificates of absence from work “as if it were like toothpaste” are unfounded, according to the leader

Certificates of absence issued by community pharmacists are legitimate and save many Australian workers time and money, says Anthony Tassone, president of the Pharmacy Guild Victoria branch.

Her defense of community pharmacists comes after a 7NEWS segment on the profession’s ability to deliver and advertise the service, in which RACGP President Karen Price raised concerns.

“We don’t want healthcare to be advertised as if it were toothpaste,” Dr Price said.

Mr Tassone said Dr Price’s comments are “unfounded” and “can be mistaken for pharmacies simply trying to advertise the service available to their patients.”

The segment also questioned the legitimacy of certificates provided by pharmacists, with Dr Price saying some companies might not accept certificates from pharmacists.

“Certificates of absence from work issued by community pharmacists save time for many Australian workers and are authorized by the Fair Work Act 2009said Mr. Tassone AJP.

“According to the guidelines, the issuance of a certificate of absence from work must be within the scope of practice of the pharmacist, acting according to his skills and professional expertise.

He said community pharmacists take their responsibilities under the Act seriously.

“Pharmacists should carefully consider whether the illness or injury being certified falls within their recognized area of ​​practice,” he said.

“Certificates document a pharmacist’s professional opinion that a person is, or will be, unfit for work for a period of time due to illness or injury – typically for no more than two days.”

Sarah Stoddart, Director of Vitality Law Australia, said that if the diagnosis of an employee’s particular illness or injury falls within the scope of a pharmacist’s practice, then “there is no reason so that a certificate of absence from work issued by a pharmacist is not sufficient proof of the employee’s illness or injury ”.

While an employer can ask the employee to provide proof that he was unable to work due to illness or injury, “contrary to what has been reported, the Fair labor law does not specify that an employee taking personal leave must provide a medical certificate as proof of the injury or illness affecting their ability to work, ”she said. AJP.

Rather, under the Act, the employee must provide the employer with proof “which would satisfy a reasonable person” that the leave was taken because the employee was unfit for work due to illness or illness. ‘a wound.

“Unless there is a specific provision in an employee’s employment contract which provides that a medical certificate issued by a physician must be provided as proof of the need for an employee to take personal leave – and assuming the disease or injury concerned is within the purview of a pharmacist. practice – an employer would take a significant risk by questioning the production of a certificate of absence from work signed by a pharmacist to prove an employee’s absence from work due to illness or injury ” , said Ms Stoddart.

“The only circumstances in which an employer can refuse to accept a certificate of absence from work signed by a pharmacist is if the employee’s employment contract specifies that a particular type of proof must be produced which does not include a certificate of absence from work signed by a pharmacist, or if the illness or injury in particular exceeds the scope of a pharmacist’s practice.

Mr. Tassone insisted that pharmacists provide a valuable service.

“Recognizing pharmacists as eligible signatories of these certificates saves many Australian workers time and money thanks to the convenient location of pharmacies and accessibility of pharmacists – usually available at short notice. and without an appointment, ”he said.

“Considering the waiting time that may be required for a doctor’s appointment, the fact that workers who are legitimately ill or injured can more easily obtain a certificate of absence from work in a pharmacy is in fact a plus for the company. productivity, not a minus.

“It is important that the public be fully informed of their options in order to make an informed choice regarding access to the care that meets their needs.

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