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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: While doctors are used to being hunted down by patients seeking medical certificates for a number of reasons, from approving sick leave to filing a complaint, renowned oncologist Dr Boben Thomas has was rather stunned by a request from one of his regular patients. . The doctor has been asked to issue a medical certificate for the patient’s car, in what he says is the first such incident he has experienced.

According to Dr Boben, the patient had called him to ask for a medical certificate confirming the date of his consultation because he had to present the certificate to a major insurance company. The patient then explained to the perplexed doctor that he had been in an accident on his way home from the consultation, and when he approached the insurance company for damages, he was asked why the vehicle was on. the road while a statewide lockdown was in effect. The medical certificate had to prove that the accident occurred while he was traveling for a medical reason.

Dr Boben, who practices in Kottayam and Thiruvananthapuram, told TNIE that this was the first time anyone had contacted him for a medical certificate in order to purchase car insurance. “As the certificate was a logical requirement, it was issued indicating that the patient had arrived in the vehicle,” he said. He also shared his experience on Facebook.

Meanwhile, a senior executive working with an auto insurance company confirmed that they would certainly ask for such certificates if the situation called for it. “We have the power to ask the owner why the vehicle was removed during the lockdown period. If it is a real case of a medical emergency, we will ask for a medical certificate to prove if he used the car for this purpose. Some companies may also request tickets for outpatients (OPs). We could only file a claim if the person was traveling for an emergency, ”the officer said.

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