Palace promises good pay to attract medical workers

President Rodrigo Duterte has vowed to seek funding sources to bring in additional primary care physicians who will help the country fight the 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19). This, while healthcare workers lamented the lack of budget allocations to make up for the “challenges” they faced in saving the lives of COVID-19 patients. The president of Kilusang Kontra Covid (KilKovid) Anthony Leachon denounced the delay in the distribution of health workers’ services. “We condemn any embezzlement that could have alleviated their suffering. We denounce all forms of abuse, verbal or otherwise, coming from anyone, but especially those from government officials who owe these health workers the survival of this nation. In a meeting at Malacañan Palace on Wednesday evening, the chief secretary of the National COVID-19 Working Group, Carlito Galvez Jr., told Duterte that hospitals were struggling to meet the needs of COVID patients -19 because they were currently facing a labor shortage. “We really need to tackle this problem because the complaint of all hospitals is that they are running out of doctors, nurses and other health-related workers,” Galvez said in Tagalog. Duterte said he would do everything he could to hire more healthcare workers. “We’ll see what we can do. We will try to raise money for more recruits to join this fight against COVID, ”said the president. Duterte also said that a “good” salary could persuade medical staff to join the continuing battle against COVID-19. “The pay is good. Maybe we can get more people to join us in this fight because I think the allure of a good salary is there. It’s higher now, ”he said. Leacho, for his part, said the frontliners were not only physically exhausted, but also in mental and emotional distress. “They need all the love, care and respect from each of us, and especially from the leaders of our country, without any exceptions,” he said. Health workers have attacked the Duterte government for its “zero allowance” for their COVID-19 benefits such as special risk allowance, actual risk allowance and meals, accommodation, transportation allowance as well that COVID-19 compensation for the year 2022 apart from the delays in their compensation.

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