No medical certificate required for the dose of “precautionary” vaccine for the over 60s: Center

People over 60 with comorbidities do not need to download or provide a medical certificate to be eligible for the “precautionary dose” of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Starting January 10, fully vaccinated people over 60 with co-morbidities can sign up for their “precautionary doses” or booster shots. (Photo: PTI / File)

People over 60 with co-morbidities do not need to download or provide a medical certificate to be eligible for the program “Precautionary dose” of the Covid-19 vaccine, the Center said on Tuesday.

The decision was made after a meeting of the Union’s health secretary with states on Tuesday.

At the meeting, it was decided that people over 60 can benefit from a “precautionary” dose without a doctor’s certificate. However, they should consult their doctor before taking the jab.

“All persons aged 60 and over with co-morbidities will not be required to produce / submit a medical certificate at the time of administration of the precautionary dose. These people must seek the advice of their doctor before deciding to avail themselves of the precautionary dose, ”reads a letter from Health Secretary Rakesh Bhushan to the States.

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“Personnel deployed in electoral service must be counted in the category of front-line workers and eligible for the precautionary dose,” the letter added.

“Their eligibility for the precautionary dose depending on when they took their second dose. Only nine months after the second dose, they will be eligible,” we read.

December 25th, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that from January 10, fully immunized healthcare and front-line workers, and people over 60 with co-morbidities can sign up to receive their “precautionary doses” or boosters.

The booster dose cannot be taken until nine months after the administration of the second dose, according to the government statement.

“The prioritization and sequencing of this precautionary dose would be based on the completion of 9 months, or 39 weeks from the date of administration of the second dose,” the statement said.

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