Nagpur RTO has yet to find MBBS doctors to issue a medical certificate | Nagpur News

NAGPUR: No MBBS doctor in the city, it seems, is ready to partner with the Regional Transportation Bureau (RTO) to issue a medical certificate online to applicants for driving licenses.
This year, the transport commissariat made it compulsory for candidates to submit medical fitness certificates online. During the verification of documents by officials of the transport department, especially motor vehicle inspectors and assistant motor vehicle inspectors, it was found that many applicants presented false medical certificates.
Following this, the service decided to recruit only MBBS doctors who will be authorized to issue medical certificates.
Deputy RTO Khanderao Deshmukh, who is currently in charge of the Nagpur City Office, said: “The Department of Transportation has already contacted the Indian Medical Association for this purpose. But we have yet to receive a response from local doctors. ”
According to the decision, doctors wishing to be recruited will have to visit the RTO offices and have their medical qualifications checked. As a result of this, they will be given a login ID to upload the medical certificates to the RTO website.
A few general practitioners have said that uploading certificates takes a long time.

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