The mayor of the town of Malolos, Gilbert Gatchalian, requested the help of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to investigate a “medical certificate scam” and find out if there were any irregularities in the issuance of certificates medical services to people stranded locally and people with essential travel.

In his Monday letter to NBI-Bulacan to Noel Bocaling, agent in charge, Gatchalian called for an investigation “in order to establish the veracity of the allegations” and to “settle once and for all if any irregularities have been committed in the performance of duties of city government employees who are involved in the issuance of travel authorization.

He said allegations that the city’s health department had given some labs an undue favor warranted an independent investigation. Some of the alleged irregularities include the requirement for a chest x-ray and a complete blood count (CBC) test before a medical certificate is issued to a person seeking authorization to travel to this city, P100 for the medical certificate and another P400 billed by a private. laboratory clinic which brings together all the references of the city’s health worker, Dr Victor Batanes, who has made chest x-rays and the CBC test compulsory for those applying for a travel pass.

Gatchalian said his office was also conducting a parallel investigation. Malolos city council passed a unanimous resolution ordering city health officer Dr Victor Batanes to stop collecting P100 for the medical certificate and another P400 billed by a private lab clinic that is blocking all references from Dr Batanes.

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