Medical certificate not required; screening at the point of travel

Bombay: In relief for the hundreds of thousands of migrant workers stranded in Maharashtra, eagerly awaiting repatriation to their respective states, the Maharashtra The government has clarified that it will not be necessary to attach a medical certificate to the required registration form to facilitate travel.

In a order Signed by Maharashtra Chief Secretary of Government Ajoy Mehta on May 7, the government amended an earlier ordinance that required migrant workers to submit a certificate of fitness from a licensed medical practitioner along with the registration form, for be considered for repatriation.

The new decree stipulates that migrants / stranded people wishing to travel to their country of origin must be screened at the start of the journey using a digital thermometer and symptomatic examination.

Simplified, this means that after approval after check-in, migrants do not need to run for a medical certificate and can simply walk to the point of displacement (train stations or bus terminus as appropriate) and get tested. by digital thermometer before starting their journey.

Screening will be carried out free of charge by official doctors from government / municipal companies using the services of a doctors by municipal corporations, specifies the ordinance.

It is believed that the government’s decision was prompted by news of exorbitant costs imposed on migrants for issuing medical certificates by doctors in several parts of the state. Additionally, factors such as asymptomatic people developing infection during the incubation period between medical testing and travel approval were also taken into account.

A unique list of all passengers indicating that they have been screened and are showing no Flu-like illness (ILI) will be issued by the responsible physician. “There will be no need for individual certificates and a certification of the passenger manifest will suffice”, specifies the ordinance.

At present, there are over 4.35 lakh of migrant workers in the state who have received shelter, food and refuge in 4,738 camps in various locations.

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