Jab or no job: medical workers talk about being sacked because of Covid shooting warrants


First in a series. Must Read Alaska Hears Health Care Professionals Losing Jobs in Alaskan Hospitals and Clinics Due to Refusal to Take Covid-19 Vaccine. Their identities remain anonymous. Share your story by reaching [email protected]

A nurse at a Providence medical center agrees with the Anchorage doctor who says there is no rationing of care at the hospital, at least not in the way people might think. At the end of the day, hospitals always make decisions about care because they don’t have unlimited resources.

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At the moment, the hospital is very busy, more than usual. “He’s slammed busy,” she said. “But that’s not a significant difference from years past.”

The nurse risks dismissal because she did not take the Covid-19 vaccine. She has had Covid-19 in the past, has a family to support, works with people she admires and respects, and doesn’t want this testimony to be seen as a criticism of them.

“On the contrary, I really want to bring people together,” said the nurse.

She wants people to understand that the majority of people in intensive care suffer from the effects of Covid, and that the vast majority of them had not been vaccinated. Most of those who die were not vaccinated.

But she opposes forcing people to choose between feeding their families and taking a photo they don’t want to take, for their own personal reasons.

The nurse worked in Providence for many years and opposed the “medical theater” of the doctors and nurses who showed up before the Anchor Assembly in their lab coats and testified that the hospital is in crisis. She wanted her testimony to be heard, even though she couldn’t make it to the Anchorage Coven. Here are his main testimonials:

  • It would help if the state of Alaska reported how many people are admitted to hospitals each day with Covid, and not just how many are in the hospital.
  • It would be helpful for the state to break down the number of inpatients who were vaccinated versus those who were not.
  • “Instead of having to use the phrase ‘vast majority’ it would be better if they gave a number,” she said. “For example, if there are X people admitted today with Covid, it would give people an idea of ​​the severity of the spread. “
  • Instead, the state focuses solely on the number of positive tests.
  • Why are hospitals laying off trained nurses and bringing in people from out of state? “With the funds, we could have trained people or hired travel positions,” she said.
  • Mandates reinforce mistrust of the health system. It is starting to show up because people are suspicious of their doctors and nurses. “If we make the vaccine mandatory, then every disease that someone gets after a forced vaccine, for those people, that disease will be attributed to the vaccine. If you didn’t want it but didn’t have a choice, and it’s between having your job and insurance or being impoverished, and then you have a disease, this is where your mind will go. Said the nurse.
  • When we tell people that they are going to lose their jobs and their insurance, they really don’t have a choice.
  • If 40 percent of people don’t want to be vaccinated, how is that going to affect the nursing shortage down the road. This size of the population will be excluded from the nursing profession. “We’re going to lose a lot of people who would have entered the profession, and now they’ll say they don’t want to be in the health care industry. “
  • Most of the nurses she spoke to support the vaccine, but not the warrant, the nurse said.
  • The “shared governance” that is practiced by Providence is not practiced in this case because the bedside staff are not involved in the discussion. Providence has never surveyed its nurses or staff, and this decision affects everyone.
  • The hospital said it would not make the vaccine mandatory and repeated it until suddenly it made the vaccine mandatory. “They had to work on the mandate, whereas we were told that they were not going to mandate it,” she said.
  • Providence has a mission statement that says it is an expression of “the healing love of God, witnessed through the ministry of Jesus, we are determined to serve everyone, especially those who are poor. and vulnerable ”. What could be more vulnerable than a pregnant employee who loses her job because she refuses to be vaccinated?

“I know of a few cases like this, where they will lose their jobs and their insurance at the most vulnerable moment. It just doesn’t match the mission statement. Mary was turned away from an inn. Now they are saying, “We are turning our backs on our staff, there is no room for you. You are outside.’ The irony is overwhelming. The worst of the worst is doing this to a pregnant woman. You are making people poor and vulnerable by doing this.

The nurse closed her statement by saying she hoped people would get vaccinated if they were on the fence, “but I want to validate their right to choose.”

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