Court rulings suspend vaccination warrants for New York teachers, New York medical workers; Governor Hochul makes face masks mandatory in daycares – CBS New York


NEW YORK (CBSNew York) – Court rulings have temporarily barred teachers in New York and medical workers in New York State from being required to be vaccinated against COVID.

As CBS2’s Natalie Duddridge reported on Wednesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Chancellor of Schools Meisha Porter were at a Williamsburg elementary school to meet with students during their first week of school, but the issue of concern to many parents while they drop their children was whether teachers still be mandated to get the hang of it?

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“What about the judge who blocks it temporarily?” Duddridge asked de Blasio.

“It seems to be just a matter of procedure… we are pretty confident in our situation,” replied de Blasio.

De Blasio seemed unfazed that a Manhattan Supreme Court judge ruled to temporarily block the vaccination warrant for teachers, forcing staff to have at least one injection by September 27 or face dismissal.


“It doesn’t change our approach. It’s very temporary, ”said de Blasio. “We are very confident in our legal position. We are building the framework for full implementation on the 27th. ”

Municipal union claims mandate violates constitutional rights.

“I feel like it’s optional, that it shouldn’t be forced on children, or teachers,” said Sadie Perez, a Williamsburg resident. “For safety reasons, the mask is perfect.”

“I feel like it’s not fair to force them to do it, but it’s also the right decision for the sake of the kids,” said Skylinn Rodridguez, a Williamsburg resident.

The leader of the city’s largest union, DC-37, said in a statement, “While we believe our members should be vaccinated, we don’t think it should be a condition of employment. “

But many parents, like Kijana Jackson, say the vaccine is necessary for the safety of their child.


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“You are dealing with children. My child is under 12 and cannot get this vaccine, ”Jackson said.

“I think it’s a good idea, but it’s a difficult subject,” one person said. “My dad is a doctor, so he sees all the students getting sick. So right now the situation, it makes sense that all teachers who are actively teaching in person should. “

School personnel can request medical or religious exemptions.

A judge also temporarily blocked New York state’s mandate that healthcare workers be given the COVID vaccine by September 27. This after 17 healthcare workers filed lawsuits.

Some critics fear the warrant could cause health worker problems if some employees refuse to be vaccinated, but Governor Kathy Hochul has said hospitals are ready.

“It’s the smart thing to do. We must continue the mandates. I’ll make sure we have the resources. Hospitals are required to have temporary staffing plans, ”Hochul said.

The court has set a hearing date of September 22 for both sides to fend for themselves.

Meanwhile, Hochul announced a new mask warrant for children on Wednesday.

“Starting today, we are going to demand face masks for daycares and daycares,” Hochul said. “We don’t have a vaccine available for 5 to 11 year olds, and I can’t wait to get it approved. As soon as it does, we will work with the parents, the doctors… but we do not intend that this will happen for several months.

In the run-up to the booster shots, the governor also said she was directing the health ministry to allow basic paramedics to administer the vaccines.

She said 50,000 people are eligible for the training.

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Editor’s note: This story first appeared on September 15, 2021

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