Clarion Medical Technology Inc. Partners With El.En. SpA for DEKA surgical CO2 lasers

CAMBRIDGE, ON, December 1, 2021 / CNW / – Clarion Medical Technologies Inc. has partnered with El.En. to distribute their innovative DEKA brand SmartXide CO2 laser system and accessories on the Canadian market. This partnership allows Canadian hospitals and physicians to access the latest2 laser technology for ENT and gynecology; and Clarion’s exceptional technical service team.

El.En., world leader in the development of high-tech laser systems, has concentrated more than forty years of expertise in the technological excellence of SmartXide². Faithful to its permanent commitment to innovation, the Italian company has paved the way for new multidisciplinary and avant-garde laser systems. The innovative CO₂ RF laser source with the exclusive PSD® The technology (Pulse Shape Design) generates pulses specially designed for surgical applications (U-Pulses), and the use of lasers in total synergy with the Hi-Scan Surgical scanning system.

” We are extremely happy and proud to begin this relationship with the Canadian leader in OC2 lasers. This partnership represents one of the best opportunities ever, with the prospect of a very promising future with Clarion ”, said Paolo Salvadeo, Managing Director of El.En, SpA and CEO of DEKA.

“Clarion Medical Technologies is very pleased to partner with the El.En. group for our CO surgery2 Laser program in Canada. With our highly experienced service and support in CO2 market, the SmartXide2 scanning system, its multiple delivery devices and integrated fiber delivery capabilities will provide our hospitals with an excellent laser solution in the years to come, ”said Paul Watts, director of surgical activities at Clarion Medical.

About EL.EN.

Born in 1981, El.En. is one of the leading global players in the LASER world providing industrial, medical and conservation laser solutions. Driven by constant research and development, El.En. is committed to producing advanced laser devices which are excellent in performance, cost efficiency, reliability, environmental friendliness and after-sales service.

For almost 30 years his DEKA Branded devices have innovated the world with medical laser systems and new therapies.

Distributed in more than 120 countries, the company has always been an epicenter of innovation for the medical sector. Innovative applications and systems have opened up new horizons of care for medicine and surgery.

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About Clarion Technologies Médicales Inc.

Clarion Medical Technologies is one of from Canada larger medical companies. Since 1989, Clarion has focused on providing innovative solutions for the ENT, Gynecology, Vision, Urology, Respiratory and Aesthetic markets by providing high performance, best in class products. By harnessing innovative technologies, the talents of its employees and the expertise of its partners, Clarion offers advanced solutions that help improve the quality of healthcare. Their products and services include laser technologies, nutraceuticals, diagnostic equipment, skin care, dermal fillers, intraocular lenses, laser fibers, clinical training, laser safety and technical support. .

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