Booster dose: No medical certificate required for people over 60 years old

All people aged 60 and over with co-morbidities will not be required to present a doctor’s certificate when administering the precautionary dose.

The ministry has issued guidelines for immunization of children aged 15-18 and precautionary doses for healthcare workers (HCWs), frontline workers (FLW) and people 60 years of age or older with comorbidities. He added that beneficiaries should take advice from their doctors before availing themselves of the precautionary dose.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi last week in a speech announced precautionary doses for people over 60 in view of the Omicron variant. Vaccination of children between the ages of 15 and 18 will begin from Jan. 3, 2022. The health ministry further said that appointments can be made online or on-site (walk-in). Vaccination services for the walk-in mode will be available subject to the availability of vaccination slots

The ministry also announced that personnel to be deployed on election missions to poll-related states will also be included in the Front Line Worker (FLW) category.

Another dose of the vaccine would be provided from January 10 to healthcare workers and frontline workers who received two doses.

To benefit from a precautionary dose, there are 20 criteria for medical comorbidities including diabetes, kidney disease or on dialysis, cardiovascular disease, stem cell transplantation, cancer, cirrhosis, sickle cell disease, prolonged use current on steroids or immunosuppressants, muscular dystrophy / acid attack with impaired respiratory system / people with disabilities with high support needs / multiple disabilities, including deafblindness and severe respiratory disease with hospitalizations in the past two years.

A booster dose certificate will also be given to beneficiaries.

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