Senate bill requires government officials to present a medical certificate attesting to fitness for work


Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, September 10) – A bill has been introduced in the Senate requiring government officials and employees to submit annually a medical certificate proving that they are physically fit to perform their duties.

The President of the Senate, Vicente Sotto III, tabled the Senate Bill 1818 or “Law on Fitness for Work” on Tuesday.

“Intelligence and skills alone are not enough to perform one’s sworn duty. Good health is of equal importance and a critical factor in the performance of one’s function, but often neglected, ”reads the explanatory note to the bill.

The bill also stated that the presentation of a medical certificate “would promote transparency as to the state of health of public officials and employees”.

Under the proposed measure, the certificate must be issued by a government doctor after evaluation of the physical examination and the results of laboratory tests.

The medical certificate, as well as the results of the laboratory tests, must be submitted by April 30 of each year. The requirement will cover elected and appointed officials and employees,

Concerns were expressed earlier about the state of health of President Rodrigo Duterte. Unverified reports last month, which have since been denied by the palace, indicated that Duterte was flown from Davao to Singapore due to a medical emergency, prompting clamors for the disclosure of his condition. health. Malacañang, however, assured that the president remains in good shape for his age and that there is no need to publish a medical bulletin.

Under Article 12, Article 7 of the 1987 Constitution, the President is responsible for informing the public of his state of health in the event of serious illness.

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