Peripheral neuropathy is successfully treated with advanced medical technology

Mr Browner arrived at the Pulsed Neurocare Center exhausted from the pain associated with his peripheral neuropathy and the drugs he is taking to mask it. Nothing he had tried with the many doctors he had seen over the past 2 years had worked. He was faced with the reality that with his son’s departure from the state in the fall and his neuropathy worsening noticeably, the days of installing air conditioners in his family business may soon be over. Although Mr Browner’s neurologist never hesitated to increase the dose of his potent pain relievers to make his life tolerable, these dangerous, addictive and potent drugs just drained him of his vital energy and clarity of thought and often had to fight just to stay awake sometimes. Due to the numbness in his feet, his falls, and the sharp, burning pain in his toes, his lovely 30-year-old wife, with his encouragement, was now walking the beach without him. Sometimes it was almost as painful to him as the neuropathy itself.

In January 2019 I founded a Neurocare Center which was operating from South Padre Island in Texas and when the pandemic hit I closed it in June 2020 with the intention of reopening several centers when the world normalizes. . This center was equipped with very advanced space age equipment called photobiomodulation (PMB), low level light therapy, photon medicine and many other names of shoots.

Mr Browner took a break in his life because several months before the Neurocare center closed, he and his wife Pamela, over their morning coffee, heard about a new Neurocare center that was hosting a free treatment event. peripheral neuropathy and nerve pain. the next day. Pamela convinced him to attend this event to at least verify it.

Neurological Care Center Hosting Free Event on Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy and Nerve Pain

Upon entering the Neurocare Center, he immediately felt like he was on the Star Trek captain’s deck and was going to meet Doctor Spock soon. With the many modalities he tried, he attended the event as an unbeliever, after all how can light therapy do anything with his painful condition. The pain and the medications he was taking made him cranky to say the least. He was filled with skepticism and felt it was another waste of time and was annoyed by Pamela for convincing him to go with her to check this place out. Pamela gave him that look that he saw hundreds of times during their marriage, BE NICE AND DON’T EMBROIDER ME.

Mr. Browner was met by the clinic director and offered a free session for his peripheral neuropathy pain. He needed to sit for a while anyway, so he figured it was better than standing in such a large crowd of ailing, unbalanced people. Clara, the ground technician, made him comfortable and placed him on a gravity chair and placed the light therapy boots on his feet. As he relaxed, he listened to me address the crowd and explain what this Photobiomodulation (light therapy) is and the many very effective uses of this cutting edge technology. Cold laser and LED are both photobiomodulations and are quite similar, I explained. Both are used today by chiropractors and medical offices. Many believe that LED is a superior technology because it is much safer, can process large areas of tissue at the same time, and is easy to use with convenient and affordable home applications. The reason LED photobiomodulation (light therapy) is not generally offered to patients as a treatment option by the medical community is because Medicare and insurance companies do not pay for it. It’s amazing to a lot of people, but it is. I’ve heard too many doctors say, “We know it works, but we can’t bill the insurance company for it.” Thus, they offer treatments that do not work but are billable to insurers. Now, ladies and gentlemen, this is what you call a broken medical system.

In addition to operating the Pulsed Neurocare Center, I am also the founder of Neurocare Systems and supply these Class II pulsed light medical technology systems not only to my own Neurocare center, but also to chiropractic and medical practices in the States. -United.

With traditional treatments not working on many injuries, traumas, and illnesses such as nerve pain, peripheral neuropathy, and other neurological and neuropathic disorders, I thought it was time to write a health article on this technology. Although chiropractors and physicians offer this highly effective technology as a self-paid peripheral neuropathy care program, the cost of a home system can range from $ 5 to $ 7,000 and in some cases even more. After hearing that patients are not treating their device because they just can’t afford it, I thought it was time to bring the Pulsed Neurocare Center online and offer home systems direct. .

Pulsed Neurocare Ankle High 240 is the most advanced and affordable Class ll LED podiatry boot system on the market
Pulsed Neurocare Ankle High 240 is the most advanced and affordable Class ll LED podiatry boot system on the market

Neurocare Systems launches Pulsed Neurocare Ankle-High 240, which is the most advanced, powerful and affordable Class II LED podiatry boot system on the market and makes it available direct to patients for under $ 1000. Eliminating the middleman and allowing patients to buy directly from the manufacturer was a “must” in order to achieve this. Pulsed Neurocare Ankle-High 240 is so powerful that it can be used for wellness all over the body. Lumbar nerve pads are also part of this very advanced light therapy system.

You should know that there are affordable options for successfully treating your peripheral neuropathy. There are thousands of studies on this technology for treating the many afflictions of the human body, some of which are available on the website below. This technology has been around for decades. In fact, NASA used LED light therapy in the manned space mission in the 90s and early 2000s. Top universities like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Oxford, Boston University and hundreds of others have complete departments dedicated to this technology and to the study of its use in humans on various injuries. Many universities are studying the effects of light therapy on brain trauma and other neurological disorders with some promising results. There are literally thousands of studies published on hundreds of uses over the past decade. There are no known negative side effects with this technology. In fact, this technology is so safe and gentle that hospitals use it on infants born with jaundice.

Hospitals use LEDs to treat infants born with jaundice
Hospitals use LEDs to treat infants born with jaundice

If you consider how broken our current medical system is, you might just open your mind to the limitless possibilities that this remarkable technology offers. This technology is FDA approved to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain. So if you consider that most neurological and neuropathic disorders have problems with loss of blood flow, and most illnesses are related to inflammation as a cause or symptom, it shouldn’t be surprising that many think that this is the future of medicine and why does it work so well on peripheral neuropathy.

Mr. Browner finished his session and was not sure if he felt any improvement. Clara gave him a certificate of free session to be treated again the next day. “I don’t think this will work on my nerve pain, but Pam wants me to give it another chance,” then left with Pam. Mr Browner showed up for his appointment the next day on time, was treated and left without any intervention on his second treatment. Clara thought he was not in the 85% pass group for his condition. Then the next day Mr. Browner came to the center and said, ok it’s working, sign me up…. He treated his peripheral neuropathy regularly until the center closed, then purchased a home system to continue his home care. He was delighted to be able to treat 7 days a week in the comfort of his own home. I understand that he has quit taking pain relievers and is back to installing air conditioners and taking those coveted walks with his wife Pamela.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes is “The future of medicine is frequency medicine ”. Albert Einstein. Well that’s exactly what photobiomodulation or light therapy is and when you pulse light waves at different frequencies of hertz, the physiological change at the cellular level is remarkable. For more information, you can visit or

David christenson
David christenson

David Christenson is the founder and CEO of Neurocare systems, Neurocare Pro and Pulsed Neurocare Center. David speaks nationally and internationally on the many uses of PBM light therapy, highlighting research in brain health, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, uses of neurodegenerative pain, neurologic, neuropathic and chronic. David has also contributed to photobiomodulation (pulsed light medical technology) in various healthcare publications. David can be contacted at [email protected]. For more information, you can visit the websites or

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