IDS solutions provide valuable medical technology services


Health has become the dominant subject in the world. Research and development to protect the physical well-being of each individual as well as the general population is of unprecedented importance. More than ever, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies are striving to speed up their processes, for example by increasing test throughput or speeding up the production and distribution of drugs. Airports are increasingly using access controls, whether in the form of identity checks or temperature measuring devices, to identify travelers with symptoms of illness.

In all these areas, image processing can make an important contribution to the protection of people and therefore also to the saving of lives. The possible applications are already almost limitless and are becoming more and more diverse in the age of Industry 4.0 – not least due to the use of artificial intelligence.

A UK company is currently using IDS cameras with thermal imaging cameras to detect people with high temperatures and therefore potentially infected with the corona virus. The non-contact thermal imaging and measurement system designed for mass screening detects temperature differences of less than 0.6 ° C and with an accuracy of less than 0.3 ° C. “The Thermoteknix FevIR Scan software tracks people in real time as they walk in front of the camera and displays their maximum facial temperature on the screen,” says Richard Hames, Director of Sales at Thermoteknix Systems Ltd.


The so-called FevIR Scan 2 system consists of a thermal imager and a uEye LE USB 2 CMOS camera visible in a sealed housing which is connected to a laptop computer running Thermoteknix FevIR Scan 2 software. The card-level version USB 2.0 uEye LE is particularly light and compact – ideal for finding a place next to the thermal imager in the small FevIR Scan 2 enclosure. A constant temperature thermal reference source is included in front of the thermal imager. It allows constant calibration of the thermal camera for accurate temperature measurement to detect people with high skin temperature. Model UI-1642LE-C is used to detect people passing through the system. It is equipped with a 1.3 megapixel CMOS sensor from ON Semiconductor, which has a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels and a frame rate of 25 frames per second. This frame rate allows screening in places with high traffic, such as airports or lobbies.

Other IDS solutions also provide valuable medical technology services. For example, the GampBOX image processing system from i-mation GmbH makes it easier for the pharmaceutical industry and its suppliers to optimize processes while adhering to strict quality guidelines. “In this way, we can help to significantly shorten the time to market for medicines, for example,” explains Kai Weisser, project manager at i-mation GmbH. Throughout the life cycle of drugs and pharmaceuticals, from the search for new active ingredients and therapies, through production and packaging, to distribution and application, the use of new technologies of machine vision opens up many opportunities for process optimization. Thus, IDS industrial cameras can also help the healthcare industry optimize processes, ensure quality, advance research and ultimately serve people.

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