Nursing has demands that cause stress in most of us. More often than not, whenever you catch up on your work and personal life, there is more stress from somewhere unexpected.
At work, you are faced with demands you can hardly cope with.

In a 2016 risk appraisal survey report revealed that nurses experience a higher than average level of stress compared to other adults.

To deal with the problem, you ought to understand it and know its source.
Stress has side effects and can affect your body by causing:
Sleep disturbances and heart problems.
Chronic pain and joint pain.
Changes in body weight and peptic ulcers among others.
How you can reduce stress?


At times, stress is usually caused by a feeling of being ‘not enough’. Most people experience feelings of incompetence and bring about undue pressure on themselves.
Journaling all that you are and what you have achieved will make you feel less stressed.
Reading through your journal will make you realize that you have made a great impact in other peoples lives.
What you experience and journal at this point will be read by you later, enabling you to judge for yourself and rationalize if the thing that bothered you was worth stressing over.

Stay Hydrated
Water is essential- you’ve heard that over and over. Be kind to your body and drink enough water. Otherwise, you risk being extremely dehydrated because stress and dehydration have the same physiological effects on your body.

Time Management
Poor time management is a major source of stress.
Stress is brought about when an individual feels overwhelmed and incapable of doing the tasks assigned to them.
Manage your time and events well. You can attend to the tasks that are the top priority and urgent first, then attend to the others whenever you get a chance.
Create time for your family and personal activities too, so you don’t feel over-absorbed into the daily demands of work.
You may not be able to create the ‘perfect balance,’ but managing your time well will enable you to plan your day and enhance your performance, leading to lower stress levels.

As a nurse, you always put other people first -at home and work. Try as much as you can to catch a break while at work.
Sleep and rest is a cure for stress.
It is recommended you catch seven hours of sleep to keep fatigue, stress, and burnout at bay. Your mood gets better when you are well rested.

Nurture your Spirit
A person is made up of the body, mind, and spirit.
The three facets of an individual should work in sync. When your mind and spirit are at peace, it will reflect in your body.
When your mind and spirit are in a poor state, it affects all areas.
Make a point of tapping into your spiritual aspect on a daily basis. This offers you the chance to get grace and strength to tackle whatever comes your way with a sense of grace and replenished energy.

Practice Mindfulness
Make a conscious decision every day to practice mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness will enable you to focus on the present moment and not be anxious about what is to come or regret what was not done in the past. Paying attention to the present enables you to use your energy on what can be done instead of worrying about what is beyond your capacity.
Mindfulness meditation enables you to experience a moment with undivided attention and to cope with negative emotions easily.

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