Nursing Shortage

Nurses are a critical part of healthcare and make up the largest section of the health profession. According to the World Health Statistics Report (WHO, 2013), there are approximately 29 million nurses and midwives in the world, with 3.9 million...

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Registered Nurse (RN)

Average Salary $67,490 Years Higher Education 4-6 Job Outlook Excellent   Nurses today are highly respected and valued members of the health care team who bring their own body of knowledge to the process of health care. They have a unique...

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How to Get Into Nursing School

Every school will be slightly different, so before you apply, ask them what the entrance requirements are. But there are some general things you can do to get into nursing school. Obtain your high school diploma. You simply won’t be accepted...

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5 Tips to Master Pharmacology for Nurses

Don’t just pass pharmacology, master it. Use these 5 tips to master Pharmacology for nurses. These tips can also be used in other nursing school classes too. Pharmacology for nurses is a class in nursing school about how a drug interacts with the...

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How Nurses Can Handle Daily Stress

Nursing has demands that cause stress in most of us. More often than not, whenever you catch up on your work and personal life, there is more stress from somewhere unexpected. At work, you are faced with demands you can hardly cope with. In a...

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