Don’t just pass pharmacology, master it. Use these 5 tips to master Pharmacology for nurses. These tips can also be used in other nursing school classes too.

Pharmacology for nurses is a class in nursing school about how a drug interacts with the human body, side effects, and how the body uses the drug.

It is a pretty demanding class, with lots of memorization required. Even so, there are some proven study habits and a few things you can do to not just pass the class but understand it too.

Use Mnemonics

I am a huge fan of mnemonics. They helped me pass nursing school and I use them in my everyday life. By far the best list of Pharmacology mnemonics is on Nurse Labs.

As you study, create your own memory devices. Write them on an index card and review your homemade flash cards daily.

The more you use the mnemonics, the more they will stick in your head.

Med of the Day Podcast

This is fantastic even after the class is over. MedMaster Podcast is created by and is based on their MedMaster course. I highly recommend that course – and I’ll explain why later on.

This podcast has 213 episodes. Each episode covers a different medication. The host is Jon Haws RN – he has a very engaging voice and each medication is explained in detail but also in a way that helps you understand it much better.

If you learn better by hearing it explained, or you want to listen as you drive, this is a fantastic option for extra studying. The podcast is free, so go subscribe.

Learn Drug Prefixes and Suffixes

The next way to master Pharmacology for Nurses is to focus on understanding the prefixes and suffixes of the different drugs.

We all know that medications are made up of mile-long words. If you focus on just the prefix and suffix, you cut your work down in half and will have a better understanding of drugs in general.

Here are some places I recommend for learning them:

  • Quizlet – This site has a collection of flash cards that you can flip through on your phone or computer.
  • NurseLabs – They have a fabulous drug name stems cheat sheet you can print and memorize.
  • Pharmacology Mnemonics Book – This book is amazing! Keep it after you pass the class, you’ll use it in your nursing job too.

Understand Drip Factors and Conversion Values

Next, you will be more likely to master Pharmacology for Nurses if you are able to fully comprehend drip factors and conversion values.

In fact, this article from Nursing ABC explains it super well. If you are having trouble understanding drip conversion, go back to the complete beginning and learn the values of milliliters and such.

NRSNG MedMaster Course

Finally, I can’t say enough positive things about the NRSNG MedMaster Course. This is well worth the price. They put it in a way that just clicks and makes sense. Not only will you understand the concepts and be able to pass the test, but you will have a foundation of knowledge that will help you in your job too.

When you sign up for NRSNG Academy, you will get access to the Pharmacology courses that includes videos, cheat sheets, and tons of helpful information.

These are my sure-fire ways to master Pharmacology for Nurses. Above all, my biggest tip is to find a way that works for you and work hard at it. Pharmacology might be a difficult course, but it is incredibly valuable since as nurses we administer medications constantly.

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